I have a 50 year old house (and lawn) that required the replacement or re-routing of one of my sprinkler valves and lines. I did not put in the sprinklers, so had no idea where each of the 12 lines actually ran under the lawn itself. There was a crack somewhere underground (caused by tree roots) and I had a huge leak, creating a swamp in my back yard. Norbert re-routed the sprinkler line, and extended other lines to cover the problem. It was no easy job, because the actual leak was never found, even though Norbert tried for over a two day period to find it. But the re-routing worked!

I was so happy with Norbert, that I recommended him to my daughter who had just purchased a new home in Rancho Cucamonga that had been a previous foreclosure property. It was a real mess, especially in the back yard, where the water main was broken, there were weeds 5 feet high, and the sprinkler system was not working at all. Norbert quickly replaced the water main (at a cost 1/10th of a plumber) so that they had water to the house again. He then cleaned up both the front and back yards, installed a new sprinkler system in the back yard; along with sodding the majority of the back yard and building a low cement block wall installed with shrubs inside. My daughter and her now husband were thrilled as they were on a very tight budget. Cost for them was under $3,000.

I now want to potentially remove a bunch of the grass in my large very front yard and replace it with crushed rock/shrubs and a drip system, leaving just a small patch of grass in front and install a low cement block as my daughter has. Norbert will be giving me an estimate, and I can’t wait! (April 1, 2011, Angie’s List)

Rebecca C.

I called a few landscape companies left messages…nobody called back…I called Norbert he answered the phone professionally we set up the appointment for the next day he showed up on time,professionally and friendly service. Defensively will use him for future work. (July 24, 2012, Yelp)

Ernie F.