I called a few landscape companies left messages…nobody called back…I called Norbert he answered the phone professionally we set up the appointment for the next day he showed up on time,professionally and friendly service. Defensively will use him for future work. (July 24, 2012, Yelp)


Ernie F.

I called 3 landscape services for quotes; one never returned my call, one was unprofessional, and then Norbert came to our rescue. He came out the next day, measured, made suggestions and gave a quote on the spot. After my approval, he and his crew accomplished everything I asked and more. The yard looks great, sprinklers are finally working well, and the price was right, plus they do a great job of clean-up. Highly recommended. (Feb. 27, 2013, Yelp)

Debbie C.

Norbert is a class act, all around nice guy, and one hell of a landscaper. He is a great communicator, shows up on time, does great work and has a keen eye for detail. Norbert designed a beautiful landscape theme for my backyard which looks simply incredible. I couldn’t be happier with his workmanship and the overall finished product. I had a great experience with Norbert and I definitely got my money’s worth. Thank you Norbert! (Dec. 9, 2013, Yelp)

Travis M.

Fast, efficient, did exactly what he said he would– finished SOONER than he said he would, and things have worked perfectly since. Plus, he is always available to take my call or come over and make tweaks and suggestions. We would not use anyone else. (Mar. 16, 2013, Yelp)

Tom M.

This guy is awesome! He showed up on time for our estimate and took the consultation seriously; asked pertinent questions and addressed our concerns rather than dismissing them.  After touring our entire yard, he quoted my husband a number on the spot.  Just, boom, here’s what I’ll do it for, you wanna do it?  No fuss, no muss.  He sent a proposal in writing that night, but we appreciated knowing what we could expect to pay immediately.

We thought his price was extremely reasonable and we booked him. In two days, he and his crew thinned out our trees, trimmed everything, mowed, edged, yanked out a ton of overgrowth, and disposed of everything.

We LOVE our yard! My only regret is not taking “before” photos but I’m posting our “after”s. Great job, great guy, highly recommend and will be using again!  Thanks, Norbert. (Feb. 18, 2013, Yelp)

Larissa D.

Norbert is very professional, and his service is top notch.  We have used him for several projects on our property, and I highly recommend him for any of your landscape irrigation projects. (April 28, 2014, Yelp)

Nick B.

Norbert is great – we discovered him just recently from all of his five star reviews on Yelp and they are well deserved. He was easy to work with: while he offered lots of good suggestions on what we could do with our yard, he was always careful to listen to what we wanted. He went above and beyond his original estimate, fixing several sprinklers that he found were broken without asking for more money even when I offered. He clearly cares about doing a good job. This was a big job – his team filled a huge dumpster with all the weeds they pulled and overgrown vegetation that they trimmed back.

He showed up every day early in the morning with his crew and I often saw him working side by side with them. He clearly respects his workers and they seem to work well together. Now that our yard is cleaned up so we can see what it actually looks like, I’m going to have him do another big job for us – bring in some dirt to level off some of our lot in spots, plant some new ground cover, install some drip lines, etc. I’m looking forward to working with Norbert again on this next job! (Jan. 13, 2014, Yelp)

Keith and Mari S.

We are second owners to a home and inherited a high maintenance,  overgrown, hodgepodge of a landscape. We wanted a lower or easier maintenance, clean look with curb appeal. Working with Norbert was smooth and easy (like jazz). He listened to what our goals were;  he suggested and designed our vision. We’d let him know our preference with plants and he would consider or suggest something else if he didn’t think the plants would work or fit our goals.  All our water spray was turned to a drip system which even cut down on water use and expense (who wouldn’t want that?). He is very professional and prompt. Most importantly, he works on pleasing his customers and stands behind his work. What we also like is that  he makes sure that that plants he put in thrive and will continue to look good in years to come. He’s great! (Oct. 6, 2005, Angie’s List)

Ginny D.

I have a 50 year old house (and lawn) that required the replacement or re-routing of one of my sprinkler valves and lines. I did not put in the sprinklers, so had no idea where each of the 12 lines actually ran under the lawn itself. There was a crack somewhere underground (caused by tree roots) and I had a huge leak, creating a swamp in my back yard. Norbert re-routed the sprinkler line, and extended other lines to cover the problem. It was no easy job, because the actual leak was never found, even though Norbert tried for over a two day period to find it. But the re-routing worked!

I was so happy with Norbert, that I recommended him to my daughter who had just purchased a new home in Rancho Cucamonga that had been a previous foreclosure property. It was a real mess, especially in the back yard, where the water main was broken, there were weeds 5 feet high, and the sprinkler system was not working at all. Norbert quickly replaced the water main (at a cost 1/10th of a plumber) so that they had water to the house again. He then cleaned up both the front and back yards, installed a new sprinkler system in the back yard; along with sodding the majority of the back yard and building a low cement block wall installed with shrubs inside. My daughter and her now husband were thrilled as they were on a very tight budget. Cost for them was under $3,000.

I now want to potentially remove a bunch of the grass in my large very front yard and replace it with crushed rock/shrubs and a drip system, leaving just a small patch of grass in front and install a low cement block as my daughter has. Norbert will be giving me an estimate, and I can’t wait! (April 1, 2011, Angie’s List)

Rebecca C.

I called at 6:30 in the morning, knowing it was two and a half hours before the business hours listed on the website, in a panic because my sprinklers had been running all night and would not shut off using the system timer box. Norbert returned my call in 10 minutes and tried to walk me through finding the main shutoff valve over the phone. He said he had a job to do in the morning but would be by my house later that afternoon to repair the system. He called me a couple of times throughout the day to keep me updated on when he would be at my house as he was finishing up the other job earlier than expected.

When he arrived, he quickly determined that the sprinkler valves were cracked and leaking, he went to get new valves, and installed them right away.

I wish I could rate him an A+ considering that he called me back before business hours, kept me updated on when he’d arrive, and he showed up on time. Two other service providers I called didn’t even bother calling me back. I will definitely be using Norbert for future sprinkler and lawn services. (Aug. 17, 2012, Angie’s List)

Erin M.