August 2012, Riverside

Lawn removal and rototill, tree removal, sod installation

This project was a simple refresh to an existing lawn, creating a lush green space for the homeowners. Parts of the existing lawn were removed while others were rototilled in preparation for new sod. A large tree was also removed to expand the lawn area and the existing irrigation system was refreshed to ensure everything was working properly.

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July 2012, Rancho Cucamonga

Lawn removal, xeriscape installation: low-maintenance plants, drip irrigation, decomposed granite and river rock

The homeowners were looking to lower their monthly water bill and install a low-maintenance landscape for their front yard. The existing lawn was removed and a xeriscape was installed in its place. The existing irrigation system was retrofitted to a drip irrigation system, ensuring lower monthly water bills. New low-maintenance plants were installed along and the design was finished with decomposed granite (DG) for cover and a dry river rock bed.

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May 2012, Riverside

Lawn removal, sod installation, drip irrigation retrofitting, new low-maintenance plants and ground cover

This yard needed a fresh update. The existing lawn was removed in the front yard and new plants were installed. The exiting drip irrigation system was retrofitted to extend its capacity to the new plants. Gorilla hair was installed as ground cover, which comes from Redwood trees through a process that strips it away from the bark. New sod was installed in the backyard off the patio, creating a luscious lawn for the homeowners. All existing planters that had grass in them now feature low-maintenance plants.

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