Keith and Mari S.

Norbert is great – we discovered him just recently from all of his five star reviews on Yelp and they are well deserved. He was easy to work with: while he offered lots of good suggestions on what we could do with our yard, he was always careful to listen to what we wanted. He went above and beyond his original estimate, fixing several sprinklers that he found were broken without asking for more money even when I offered. He clearly cares about doing a good job. This was a big job – his team filled a huge dumpster with all the weeds they pulled and overgrown vegetation that they trimmed back.

He showed up every day early in the morning with his crew and I often saw him working side by side with them. He clearly respects his workers and they seem to work well together. Now that our yard is cleaned up so we can see what it actually looks like, I’m going to have him do another big job for us – bring in some dirt to level off some of our lot in spots, plant some new ground cover, install some drip lines, etc. I’m looking forward to working with Norbert again on this next job! (Jan. 13, 2014, Yelp)